Psychic, Astrologer and Spiritualist Medium in Reading, Berkshire, UK

Bridging the two worlds

Jamie Wake is a modern day Spiritualist Medium with a genuine gift. His approach to his mediumship and style of delivery shows that he is as down to earth as anyone could be and its through his demonstrations of mediumship and private sittings that he is able to prove that communication with loved ones in the spirt world is possible and that life is eternal – you can not die for the life of you!

Jamie often remarks that he is simply a telephone exchange between the world of spirit and world of matter and its through this exchange that the two worlds can speak together. At this stage, it’s important to note that Jamie does not predict lottery numbers or predict tall dark strangers! As a Spiritualist Medium, his job is to provide evidence of survival after physical death using clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsensience.

Jamie is a British Medium based in Reading, Berkshire (UK) and serves spiritualist churches and centres throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and West London. Within Spiritualist Churches, Jamie gives public demonstrations of mediumship during Evenings of Clairvoyance and Divine Services.

Whilst Spiritualist Churches are becoming increasingly popular, Jamie also demonstrates in Theatres and Halls in the UK to reach out and help more people.  Please check the diary page to see when he is demonstrating near you.  Where availability allows, Jamie also gives one to one Private Sittings.  These are held in Reading, Berkshire.

Through Workshops, Open Platforms and Fledglings Evenings, Jamie also helps new mediums reach their potential as a teacher. Jamie is also attached to Paranormal Investigation Companies as a Medium and uses this to educate people about the truth behind Spiritualism and Spirit Communication as opposed to to what is seen on TV.  During these all night investigations, Jamie likes to help guests heighten their sensitivity so that they can also sense spirit.

Jamie was an Accredited Medium by the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) as well as being a Certificated Medium with United Spiritualists.  Jamie has now chosen not to be a member of either association.

Jamie Wake was the Vice President of Reading Spiritualist Church where he sat on the church committee for 4 years and he also sat on the West London District Council of the Spiritualists’ National Union. Jamie also once sat on the Publicity and Promotions Committee of the Spiritualists’ National Union and is likely to be one of the youngest people to ever sit on a standing committee of the Spritualists’ National Union.

Jamie Wake’s modern and no nonsense approach appeals to all generations and Jamie hopes that he can bring Mediumship and Spiritualism to the younger generations.

Jamie has a saying:  He believes in Life BEFORE Death as well as after it.  He doesn’t believe that you become saintly or holier than thou because you have decided to dedicate your life to serving the spirit world and that’s a lesson he likes to pass on to people during demonstrations or private one to one meetings.  Jamie is also Spiritualist first and Medium second.  There is a message beyond the message and that’s a message of love and eternal life – a message that forms the basis of just about all worldwide religions.

Jamie Wake is also sitting to develop himself for Physical Mediumship and it seems that his development is leading Jamie to Trance and Transfiguration. It is through this physical circle that one of his Spirit Guides, Chu, brings words of wisdom to the circle’s sitters.

Jamie hopes you enjoy your visit to his website and please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions about Spiritualism or Mediumship.

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