Thought I’d better put an update on my website as I have ignored it for a little while!

Well Blenham is doing fine.  He had a fall last week which meant we had to carry him up and down stairs (why did we get a 4 story house?) but he seems to be back to normal(ish) – well he’s weeing everywhere and demanding treats!  I would like to thank everyone who has sent him healing and thank you for the kind messages wishing him well.  If only I got nice emails like that! lol

Reading Spiritualist Association is doing well.  Almost open for a year now and despite the huge hall hire costs we seem to be breaking even.  Still trying to sort out the good friday rallys though!

Not a lot else to report really!  Still planning Haunted Holidays and still working long days in London!  Has my drinking and smoking decreased?  Don’t be silly!  lol

Just back from serving Tadley Spiritual Awareness Centre and even though I’m feeling very much under the weather the congregation enjoyed the service.  I can only be me!  Life before death! lol