In preperation for tonights service as Tadley Spiritual Awareness Centre, I have asked my Spirit Team write tonights reading and this is what came back:

“…Man for a long time has campaigned for peace, harmony and the infiltration of love for all mankind and yet the obstacles that limit his desires are very often implemented by the same mind that has sent out the request for a better existence.  Man stunts his own spiritual growth with his own refusal to accept that he has a greater purpose than the mundane.  For within the mundane there is found a willingness for change and a lesson to be learnt – facts that allow mans progression spiritually to be founded.  Yet within these two statements lies the greatest of resistance.

We find it inconceivable that man has a great desire for change but is unable to grasp change when it is presented to him.  It is as if the trust that forms the basis of our unseen relationship is removed from ones thoughts – alleviating man of that immediate free will and therefore responsibility to make a difference in his physical existence.  Yet this change could penetrate his very core and improve the lives of those that he comes into contact with.  If only he reaches out to grasp those hands of those that wait to guide him. 

It is not an act of faith to lay ones trust in the unseen and the unheard.  This reliance in what can be seen, heard and felt will be the stumbling block for us all.  Forget that which has been buried deep in your consciousness and listen to that mind and those thoughts from within.  Think not of our bond in the form of physical matter but as a bond of the inevitable tie that is love.  You do not need to see, feel or hear love to know its existence or to benefit from its essence.  Yet, you know it is there – cementing your very core with those that walk your journey with you. 

So we come to learn that the unseen and the unheard is of mere consequence to our spiritual bond and yet in time you will come to feel that very presence you seek.  We simply ask that your consciousness is permitted to expand and reach out to the greater challenge that waits beyond your line of vision.  We ask that you accept your place in this mortal playground and come to enjoy the lessons that we have worked with you to create. 

Our bond is a partnership that will forge ahead regardless of your knowledge and experience.  As you come to learn to understand your purpose, as we will learn too, your reliance on that which has been before will weaken and allow those restraints of the mundane to fall away.  To trust in our being is to trust one’s self and to trust in one’s self is to give rise to the necessities and hope to all possibilities and bring the changes that you seek…”