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Jamie’s journey begins, like so many peoples do, from within the womb when Jamie’s mother was told that she had miscarried. Whilst in the hospital waiting for the necessary procedure, Jamie’s mother woke up in the middle of the night and knew with certaintly that she had to leave the hospital there and then. Jamie’s mother did as she felt she was bing told and packed her bag and discharged herself from the hospital. It was lucky she did because not long after this incident, a very, very little Jamie Wake was born prematurely.

In hindsight, it is easy to see that the doctors didn’t realise that Jamie’s mother was carrying twins. Sadly, Jamie lost his twin through this incident but he is convinced that the Spirit World has been making their influence known even back then.

As a child, Jamie was quiet and shy. Jamie’s mum put it down to his parents recent divorce but despite being a loner, Jamie would chat endlessly down into a hoover attachment to an old man that noone else could see. At the time, Jamie was considered simply to have a good imagination! Children are considered to be very senstive to the Spirit World and it is a shame that our daily lives assist in losing that innocense within children.

Jamie will tell you that looking back at his life so far, it was clear in which direction Jamie was meant to be heading. All through school, Jamie seemed to be be searching for something. At 12 years old, he was exploring different practices and was reading Tarot Cards for people as well as constructing Birth Charts manually for people! There was a stage when worry surrounded Jamie’s mum and stepdad as it soon became apparent that an influence was coming from elsewhere. Strangers were spotted at Jamie’s bedroom window when the house was empty and strange incidents were starting to become more regular. Jamie’s interest scared a lot of people and his cards and books were burnt on a bonfire in the garden and at school, Jamie was not allowed to mix with other pupils. At lunch times and break times, Jamie had to sit outside the school office.

Hindsight is such a powerful tool and Jamie will insist that the Spirit World was gently trying to nudge him along. His interests during childhood helped develop his Psychic Ability enough so that he didn’t need to use Tarot Cards and other tools associated with the Psychic World!

It was at the age of 16 that Jamie first tried to step through the door of a Spiritualist Church. He had been told that Spiritualists met at the Friends Meeting House in Ashford and one day, Jamie plucked up the courage to go and visit. He entered the building and sat down with other people and waited paitiently…. he waited…. and waited…. and he waited. Jamie waited for 2 hours for someone to speak – he’s gone on the wrong day! He soon made a hasty exit!

More on Jamie Wake’s journey coming soon!

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