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When talking about mediumship, you can not escape the conversation about Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides are simply people in the Spirit World who have chosen to work with an indivdual for different purposes. An individual may have a number of guides that work with them in different ways whilst some people may have 1 Spirit Guide who stays with them throughout their existance in the Physical World.

Jamie seems to have had a few Spirit Guides and Helpers along his pathway but it is an Oriental Gentleman known as Chu that has had the biggest impact on Jamie. During Jamie’s Physical Circle, Jamie is entranced and Chu is permitted to speak through Jamie. Jamie is keen to stress that although Jamie’s voice may deliver the teachings, all credit must be given to Chu.

How does it work?

It is probably best to allow Jamie to explain for himself:

“…I can not speak for every medium – I only know how it seems to work for me! At the beginning of our Physical Circle, I simply alter my state of consciousness. I am conscious but I suppose I am more conscious of my own being than of my surroundings – I guess that the best way of describing is like a day dream. I usually send a though out to my boys in the Spirit World to give them permission to come close – from my understanding they would not do anything without my permission. When we are all ready, I usually see something in my minds eye which is a cue to open my mouth! I always begin the process with saying “I think we’re going to talk about…” and then the flow of thought comes and its over to Chu…”

Chu’s Teachings can be found at

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