Doesn’t this hot weather make you feel at one with the world?  Well ok if you’ve been stranded abroad following the Volcanic Ash then you have my sympathies!  Sitting here sweltering in the early evening heat, craving a bear (or wine – or both!) I’m thinking how luck we all are.  After the trials of having a sick doggy, I am thankful that that Blenham is still with us and whilst I know we’ll never have the Blenham he once was, he’s still my little boy!

So we have elections coming and with anothe debate tonight, it makes you wonder about what you’d vote on in life if you had the choice?  I mean, so many organised religions and even spiritual organisations will tell you how your life should be carried out – do they really have the monopoly on our earthly existences?  I say no – only we can make those decision and no one has the monopoly on our path ways.  we have to live by own mistakes and choose whether to learn by them or not. 

That reminds me of a conversation I had recently about feeling the need of conforming to other peoples views on Spiritualism.  Why should we?  We are all individuals and have to be true to ourselves.  Just because someone tells you that the sky is blue doesn’t make it blue – to one person it might be turquoise or black if its night time or red if its a glorious sunset! 

I don’t know where all that came from as I only logged onto update my blog and let you know that I’m still in the physical world! 

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